Where can I find details of music I heard on a Channel 5 trailer, advert or programme?

Trailers: Please e-mail viewerenquiries@channel5.com with the time and date that  you saw the trailer in question, as well as details of the programme it was promoting. We will then deal with your enquiry. Please note that not all of our trailers are produced in-house, so sometimes we may not have the details to hand and it may take us a few weeks to obtain the information.


Programmes: We do not produce programmes ourselves, but we are normally sent cue sheets which contain details of all music used in programmes after they have been broadcast. If you have a query regarding the music used in a programme, please e-mail us at viewerenquiries@channel5.com with episode details, such as what time you saw it or what date it was on, and we'll do our best to help.


Adverts: We do not make any adverts ourselves, but depending on the particular advert we may be able to trace the music it uses. When contacting us it is important to specify which of our channels you saw the advert on, and as we screen a large number of ads every day, we need to know what programme the ad break was in or an approximate time it was on. E-mail us at viewerenquiries@channel5.com with these details and we will try our best to obtain the music details for you.